What we have been able to do with the referral system is figure out a way to align interests of the referrer and the referred user.

We do this by rewarding the referrer based on the benefits the referred user receives.

So that means 2.5% of the AuBit Re-distributions the referred user gets (these are from other users paying product trading fees) and, perhaps more importantly, 10% of the AuBitised performance gains from the Supercharger products.

This is for the life of the referred user, hence the name, ‘Forever Rewards’.
As long as your referred user has a Freeway account and is benefiting, so will you.

On top of that, we take the equivalent amount of rewards that you get as the direct referrer and we distribute this equally across every user in the referral group. This is all in and around "Freeway Tribes" the opportunity to band together and share in the rewards of your group's creation.

The only thing you have to do as a Freeway user is to have sufficient FWT in your account to qualify for referral rewards.