Natively staking FWT unlocks rewards in relationship to owning other products on the Freeway platform.

And to access Supercharger products rewards, you must match your total Supercharger holdings with at least 25% of their total value in FWT.

AuBit Redistribution Rewards (volume growth) are built into all AuBitised products irrespective of FWT in the account. To Supercharge them you need FWT. You don’t get any fixed APY if you don’t supercharge them.

Second, we have added massive FWT utility with giveaway rewards. Anyone who natively stakes FWT will have a chance to win Giveaway rewards, these includes staked Supercharger products, launchpad token allocations, launchpad tokens, NFTs that increase your activity scores, vouchers and coupons for the Freeway platform, and many more exciting features. 

Native FWT used to activate Superchargers is called "Activated FWT”.

Every FWT held in your freeway account gets an (1x) entry into every giveaway reward. Each Activated FWT gets 5 entries.(5x)